• Italian Girl Bijoux

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Italian Girl Bijoux

Italian Girl Bijoux

Italian Girl Bijoux

Italian Girl Bijoux

Italian Girl Bijoux

Elegant and Custom: Monnaluna Accessories

Contemporary: Brosway & Maiden Art

Mens Accessories

"The Violet" Official Bracelet for Hats on for Awareness Charity

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Our Story...

Italian Girl Bijoux was born from our love for Italian statement jewelry. Our excitement to share new and unique pieces from Europe is what inspired us to start this journey. The quality is exceptional and the style makes a statement. We distribute and sell authentic Italian made pieces, many created by true artisans. Whether  you are a boutique looking to carry a different line or a consumer who loves accessories, we are sure you will find that Italian flair to fit your style.


Italian Girl Bijoux

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Consider crosses this spring!

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